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🔧Install with any rootfs

1. Download Launcher.exe

2. Rename it for distribution name to register.

(Ex: Rename to Arch.exe if you want to use “Arch” for the Instance name. Name shouldn’t have space.)

3. Put your rootfs.tar.gz in same directory as exe (Installation directory)

4. Run exe to install. This process may take a few minutes.

🔗Use as a Launcher for already installed distribution

1. Download Launcher.exe

2. Rename it for registered instance name.

Please check the registered instance name of the distribution with wslconfig /l command. (Ex: If the instance name is “Ubuntu-20.04”, rename Launcher.exe to Ubuntu-20.04.exe)

4. Run exe to Launch instance or configuration.

For details, please use help. ({InstanceName}.exe --help)

Note: You can share your distribution including wsldl exe.