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How to Use (after ArchWSL is installed)

exe Usage

Usage :
    <no args>
      - Open a new shell with your default settings.

    run <command line>
      - Run the given command line in that distro. Inherit current directory.

    runp <command line (includes windows path)>
      - Run the path translated command line in that distro.

    config [setting [value]]
      - `--default-user <user>`: Set the default user for this distro to <user>
      - `--default-uid <uid>`: Set the default user uid for this distro to <uid>
      - `--append-path <on|off>`: Switch of Append Windows PATH to $PATH
      - `--mount-drive <on|off>`: Switch of Mount drives

    get [setting]
      - `--default-uid`: Get the default user uid in this distro
      - `--append-path`: Get on/off status of Append Windows PATH to $PATH
      - `--mount-drive`: Get on/off status of Mount drives
      - `--lxguid`: Get WSL GUID key for this distro

    backup [contents]
      - `--tar`: Output backup.tar to the current directory
      - `--reg`: Output settings registry file to the current directory

      - Uninstall the distro.

      - Print this usage message.

Open an interactive shell

[root@PC-NAME user]#

Run a single command and exit

>Arch.exe run uname -r

Run a command with path translation and exit

>Arch.exe runp echo C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

Change Default User (id command required)

>Arch.exe config --default-user user

[user@PC-NAME dir]$

If the default user has not been changed (issue #7), please reboot the computer or alternatively, restart the LxssManager in an Admin command prompt.

To restart the LxssManager, run this:

net stop lxssmanager && net start lxssmanager

Backup Rootfs


>Arch.exe backup

Restore/install backup tarball:

>Arch.exe install full/path/to/backup.tar

Uninstall Instance

>Arch.exe clean